Fortune Favors the Gold

A year ago, we capital to add a technology editor to our staff. A résumé beyond my publisher’s desk…

Worked on Wall Street? Check.

Managed a acknowledged barrier fund? Check.

The administrator asked my opinion. “Well, it’s one affair to accomplish money in a balderdash bazaar for tech stocks,” I said. “But a acceptable banal picker can acquisition opportunities in even the a lot of hated bazaar sectors.”

But Paul Mampilly, our “new guy,” took up the claiming with this doozy: “Stop Panic Selling Gold Mining Stocks.”

And the blow is history…

Paul fabricated a adventurous alarm endure February: “This is just the aboriginal inning of a monster balderdash bazaar for gold mining stocks,” he wrote. “You could accomplish 100% to 200% over the next 12 months.”

But Paul was wrong.

Investors who bought something like the VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (Nasdaq: GDXJ) the afterward day – angled their money in beneath than six months.

Maybe he was just lucky.

I mean, Paul himself will acquaint you that gold stocks aren’t absolutely his thing. He brand to absorb his time searching for investment mega trends, not the geological versions (like Nevada’s Carlin Trend) that mining companies dig out of the ground.

But accurate readers will agenda added specific calls Paul fabricated that accept formed out absolutely well.

Hunting Mega Trends in Stocks

A scattering of months went by, and Paul capital to focus on award “mega trend” opportunities a part of some of the a lot of broadly followed technology stocks on Wall Street.

Again, it was accessible to accept doubts. I mean, what could he possibly see that 99% of Wall Street’s strategists and analysis analysts could not?

Plenty, it turns out.

He’s recommended 11 stocks; all of them are still in the portfolio. His best advocacy is up about 45% (in three months). His worst? Down 3%.

That’s if we absolutely accustomed Paul’s forte…

Paul has that attenuate (and awful valuable) accomplishment of anecdotic extremes.

It gave us an idea…

Extreme Fortunes

Why not about-face Paul apart and acquiesce him to use his abilities to the utmost?

Paul’s ambition is simple:

Target and abduction baby aggregation stocks with the abeyant for assorted 1,000% gains. That agency no penny stocks, no options or acute forms of leverage.

Paul will abide to do what he’s consistently done: apprehend lots and lots of books, analyze them for their a lot of assisting “big ideas” and again appraise volumes of accumulated abstracts and real-time bazaar abstracts to acquisition the best investment candidates.

After that, as yet addition filter, he plugs in his abounding years of acquaintance as an analyst and barrier armamentarium manager. Only again does he analyze the accurate “diamonds in the rough” a part of the hundreds of baby companies that barter on the above exchanges. (The all-inclusive majority of them under-covered and disregarded by Wall Street.)

Paul accepted the amount of his stock-picking abilities to investors in his $7 billion barrier fund…

He approved those abilities to readers over the accomplished year…